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Watching Romney, ‘It Feels Good to Be a Democrat Right Now’

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By HVpolitics on September 20, 2012

Matt Ortega, digital director at {New} Partners and no stranger to Democratic politics, joined Politics Powered By Twitter hosts Lee Brenner, Pamela Kirkland and Slade Sohmer to discuss the fallout from Romney’s 47 percent remarks, the backlash to his Libya comments and what role quick-trigger online reaction is playing in this 2012 election.

Also on PPT on Wednesday, 9/19/12: The Romney/Ryan campaign tries to redirect with “redistribution” and serve up Obama’s old quotes against him, The Justice Department dodges a Fast & Furious bullet, Obama heads to Letterman and Twitter blows up about it. Plus, BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray (@rosiegray) discussed whether Republican Senator Scott Brown really declined to stick with Mitt Romney in light of his 47 percent remarks.

Tune in daily 6-7 pm ET (replay: 9-10) on SiriusXM POTUS 124.

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