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Louis C.K. Was a Perfect Gentleman to a Screaming Lady in the Audience

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By Cooper Fleishman on October 26, 2012

I was lucky enough to grab tickets to Louis C.K.’s 10 p.m. show at the NY City Center in Manhattan last night. The set, part of his self-produced “Fuck Ticketmaster” tour (our words), was memorable not just for uproarious bits about the comedian’s neighbors, divorce, old ladies, slavery, and trash bags filled with leaves (oh, just you wait), but for woman 20 rows back who interrupted Louis and screamed, “SHUT THE F**K UP!”

If you’ve seen the show Louie, you might have been terrified that the real-life person would behave like his TV character and go off on the woman, hurling C-words and other bits of nastiness, at the very least kicking her out.

But he was a complete gentleman.

Calmly, patiently, he addressed both parties and learned what had happened. The yelling lady was upset that a woman next to her wouldn’t stop talking. The loud party threatened to “fuck up” the annoyed party. There was a scream.

A cheery C.K. settled the dispute with the patience of a father of two: “So she said she’d fuck you up? No, I’d be upset too. … So you’re not gonna fuck her up, right? And you’re not gonna talk anymore? Can we call this a warning, that you’re not gonna talk during my show? … Please don’t chat during the show. You might not be aware, but your voice interferes with the sounds coming out of mine. So somebody will have paid to just hear two voices at once. So that’s a shame.”

The crowd started to cheer, but he silenced the rest of us. “You’re not helping,” he scolded, but assured us he’d “add some time to the end of the show.”

If anyone has video of this or thinks my recollection is way off, let me know. Video here, courtesy of @lex6m on Twitter:

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