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Lindsay Lohan Laughs at Herself in ‘SNL’ Return

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By HVentertainment on March 4, 2012

“The New Old Lindsay Lohan is back!” —J. Fallon, 3/3/12

She’s done rehab. Now she’s doing image rehab.

Lindsay Lohan graced the SNL stage on Saturday night for the fourth time as host, marking her first major return to the limelight that didn’t involve handcuffs or full-frontal nudity.

If the first step on the road to public relations recovery is laughing at yourself and your recent troubles, the former teen idol’s return to SNL for the first time since April 2006 accomplished the goal with a monologue in which cast members made sure she was sober, a Scared Straight sketch playing herself and a Real Housewives spoof that paid homage to the bad-girl reputation we’ve come to know and love.

Following a miserably unfunny political cold open, the episode succeeded because of these Lohan-laughing-at-herself moments, and we got a good look at what life without the ankle bracelet looks like.

Here are some highlights of Saturday’s episode:

Monologue, featuring a Jimmy Fallon cameo:

Real Housewives of Disney:

Scared Straight:

So is Fallon right about the return of the New Old Lohan? Since this was a pretty tame, mediocre performance, it’s the next step that really counts. Where she goes from here, where her publicist puts her next, that will ultimately determine whether it’s back to jail and nudie spreads or real work.



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