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Did LeVar Burton’s ‘Reading Rainbow’ T-Shirt Get Him Out of a Ticket?

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By HVnews on May 29, 2012

How do you know you’re a ’90s kid? When you stop LeVar Burton for not yielding to a pedestrian, rear-end him when he stops abruptly … and refuse to give him a ticket when he steps out of his car wearing a Reading Rainbow T-shirt.

This happened in L.A.’s Van Nuys on Monday. Burton may have had the same effect on the cop as he did to Community’s Troy, played by Donald Glover. Somehow, he just flew away — like, say, a butterfly in the sky.

Burton evidently knew how lucky he was, politely telling the TMZ reporter, “I’m fine, everybody’s fine, nobody died, nobody got hurt, it’s all good.”

Hey, the officer may have just been being nice. But it’s more likely that Burton began whistling a tune from the cop’s childhood. Something magical and transformative, with dragons, castles and rocket ships. Something like …



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