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The Creep Who Allegedly Tormented Amanda Todd Says He Protected Her

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By HVnews on October 16, 2012

• Suspected Amanda Todd Blackmailer Outs Second Pedo Cyberstalker
• Kody Maxson Blackmail Victim: ‘I Gave Him What He Wanted’

UPDATE: Alleged Amanda Todd blackmailer Kody Maxson outed a second pedophile blackmailer, known as Viper — and Anonymous has more info.

When a 15-year-old girl is exploited, blackmailed, harassed and abused to the point of suicide, of course you wanna know who’s behind it so you can kick his teeth in.

So it makes sense that after a slew of threats from vigilante justice-enforcers, the accused — a Vancouver man — might try to pre-empt the imminent sh*tstorm and contact law enforcement.

Just one day after hacker group Anonymous released the alleged identity of Amanda Todd’s tormenter, a man with the same name appeared in court for charges of sexual assault and sexual interference of a person under 16.

Outside the court, a reporter asked if Maxson knew Amanda Todd. They were “friends,” he responded. He claims he tried to protect her by helping to identify a man in New York who was harassing her. He says he turned in the information to officials.

Now he wants to protect himself. He recently scrubbed his online footprint of anything connecting him to child porn — including images of sexualized teens he traded in jailbait forums.

Three years ago, when Todd was barely 14, a stranger coerced her into exposing her breasts online. A year later, the same stranger contacted her, threatening to spread screenshots of Todd to her friends and family if she didn’t “give him a show.” She refused, and the man, true to his word, passed images of the preteen to her close contacts.

In a haunting self-produced video, Todd writes her story on index cards: Her peers at school began harassing her, abusing her verbally and physically. She turned to drugs. She attempted to take her own life by drinking bleach. And a week ago, after she posted this plea for help, she tried to kill herself again — and succeeded.

Maxson’s info matches that of a user known as Kody1206 on teen chat hub Blogtv (where Todd was an active user) and various jailbait hubs. But what do we really know about Kody, and how is he connected to Amanda Todd? Very little, and there’s nothing conclusive IDing him as the one who blackmailed and harassed her.

From the Daily Dot:

In a single image, NJAnon collated what it said were Maxson’s pseudonymous (and apparently recently altered)Facebook account, his uploads to a Web forum called Jailbait Gallery, his address, a Google street view image of the house, conversations in which Maxson is berated for lying about his age on BlogTV, his Google+ account, his alma mater (a school for youth with emotional and behavioural issues) and more.

The Pastebin includes links to his Facebook photos (now set to private), lists of his social media accounts and accounts on teen pics sites sites and sites like Jailbait and Teenhut, among other details. Back in March someone uploaded a chat snippet to Pastebin that seems to show Maxson threatening a teen. Although there’s a censored picture of Amanda Todd apparently flashing the camera, there’s nothing in the roundup image or pastebin that specifically ties Maxson to her case. He was seemingly in certain places online at certain times doing certain activities that got him called out, but as is often the case, the web is mystifyingly short on specifics.

Still, Anonymous says they plan on ruining him. But the attack is off to a bad start: What was supposedly Maxson’s address actually belongs to a man named Simpson, who stated, “Not really, we’ve got nothing to do with this. So you can start looking somewhere else. ‘Cause it’s not here, I can tell you right now.” Police investigated and left within 15 minutes.

Here’s the info Anonymous compiled. Click for big:

It’s a strong connection, and enough for police — not citizens, but actual law-enforcers — to begin to make a move. Internet Justice may have been enough to send Maxson running to police (and we’ll continue to update the story with news as it unfolds), but it’s a sorry precedent.

Signy Arnasen of cybertip.ca, a child anti-exploitation group, had the last word on CBC.ca: “Being sexually curious is not an abnormal thing as an adolescent. It’s quite developmentally normal. The problem is that when you combine it with the online world then the effects can be devastating.”

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