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That Kid’s Nuts! Student Whips Out Pair in Yearbook Photo

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By HVculture on December 7, 2012

Nothing like hangin’ a little brain for posterity’s sake …

The Star reports on what happened next at this CATHOLIC SCHOOL, which gives new meaning to “religious nuts”:

No one at Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School in London, Ont., saw it coming until it was too late.

A graduating student produced a unique flash drive of some of his personal software while posing for group photo of the school’s news team.

The student’s prank was not discovered until fellow students and staff opened their newly published yearbooks last Friday and discovered more than smiles in the photo of the group responsible for producing the school’s morning announcements.

By the time school officials noticed the yearbook contained nudity, only 360 copies from a press run of 1,300 remained undistributed.

The worst part? This out-of-context quote will do wonders for the kid’s self-esteem: “The picture in the yearbook is a very small one,” said John Boles, a spokesperson for the London District Catholic school board.

Want to make an impression in your high-school yearbook? Protip: Don’t be this d-bag — be these awesome Nguyen girls.

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