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Katies Crotch Road Remains Katies Crotch Road

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on March 14, 2012

Nobody really knows how Katies Crotch Road got its magnificent name.

A 78-year-old town resident, who moonlights as secretary and treasurer of the New Portland Historical Society, says even she doesn’t know, and the origin of the name pre-dates street signs in the area.

One story, according to the Morning Sentinel, has it that “a family with the last name Katie used to live at the intersection with Route 16, and ‘crotch’ referred to the V shape of the intersection.” Another says “there used to be a tavern on the road run by a woman named Katie.” But the best tall tale is this one: “A woman named Katie used to live on the road and would sit on her porch while wearing no underwear.” Please, for the love of all that is holy, let that be the origin of the street’s name.

The street sign for Katies Crotch Road — just off Route 16, which connects Embden and New Portland, Maine — has been stolen and vandalized so many times that town elders took a vote last Saturday to determine whether or not it was a good idea to change the name of the street.

And even though officials say it cost them $200 (not including labor!) to replace the sign time and time again, they decided against the change. Smart move.

Two-hundred bucks is a small price to pay for such a rich, mysterious history.

(pic via AwkwardNames.com; hat tip Guyspeed.com)

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