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Watch Justin Bieber Vomit on Stage

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By HVentertainment on September 30, 2012

Every media outlet and gossip blog swooned on Sunday when they woke up to the news that Justin Bieber vomited on stage mid-song at the kickoff concert to his “Believe” Tour: You mean we can all just lazily throw “Bieber Fever” in the lede and think it a clever play on words? SCORE!

Bieber began his tour in Glendale, Arizona, but his weak stomach interrupted the show. During “Out of Town Girl,” The Biebs turned his back to the crowd, hunched over an invisible toilet bowl and hocked up his guts in front of thousands of screaming, adoring fans. He then ran off the stage.

Of course, this got NMA’d:

This isn’t the first time this has happened — Bieber vomited throughout his 2011 show in the Philippines, though he kept it a backstage affair.

The Biebs laughed it off with an Anchorman reference:

Tennis legend Pete Sampras approves.

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