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Pornhub Has Just the Thing to Help Justin Bieber Get Over Selena Gomez

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By HVculture on November 12, 2012

Pornhub and Justin Bieber go back. Way back. Back all the way to the Biebs’ legal adulthood, when the porn-streaming overlord offered the pop star a free premium membership. Did he ever take it? Perhaps not, because Pornhub has another offer: hours and hours of “Latina videos to help get over your breakup @selenagomez.”

How thoughtful.

As for Selena, we’re predicting a hot rebound with Nick Kroll, her costar in this super-sensual Fifty Shades of Grey spoof.

For JB, he’s got options too. Lindsay Lohan would probably tie him up and gag him with ben wa balls. He could buy his own sexy gay blow-up doll. Or he could just listen to Phish and have cathartic jam-band sadtimes by himself.

Or he could just play “Cry Me a River.”

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