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Another Black Teenager Killed by ‘Responsible Firearms Owner’

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By Brendan OConnor on November 27, 2012

Orlando Sentinel

Here we go again: Michael David Dunn, 45, of Brevard County, Florida, is being held without bail after pleading not guilty to the shooting death of Jordan Russell Davis, 17, of Jacksonville.

Davis and several other teenagers were sitting in a car outside a gas station convenience store listening to music when Dunn and his girlfriend pulled up beside them. For reasons unspecified as of yet, Dunn asked them to turn the volume down. Words were exchanged. Dunn, whose attorney Robin Lemonidis later claimed acted in self-defense, pulled out a gun and fired at Davis’s car eight or nine times. Davis was hit twice.

“It will be very clear that Mr. Dunn acted very responsibly and as any responsible firearms owner would have acted under these circumstances,” Lemonidis said.

Davis, who was a student at Samuel W. Wolfson High School, a magnet school in Duval County, will be buried in his hometown of Marietta, Ga. He is survived by his parents and a brother.

It is all-too-tempting to say that we have on our hands another Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman situation, and perhaps we do. But until we learn more about what really happened, it’s best to reserve judgment.

But already the parallels are being drawn on Twitter and elsewhere.

Davis’s obituary states, “A foundation will be created by his parents for at risk students that suffer from tragedies, in his memory.”

More from Jacksonville.com:

A gun collector in Jacksonville for his son’s wedding, Dunn told police he felt “threatened” after an argument with the Wolfson High student over loud music coming from a sports-utility vehicle parked next to him at the Gate station at 8251 Southside Blvd. Davis was in the back seat when “there were words exchanged,” followed by gunfire at 7:40 p.m., said Jacksonville homicide Lt. Rob Schoonover.

“Our suspect produced a weapon and started firing into the vehicle. Our victim was shot a couple of times,” Schoonover said. “ … They were listening to the music. It was loud; they [other teens] admitted that. But I mean that is not a reason for someone to open fire on them.”

Born in Marietta, Ga., Davis is the second Wolfson student to die a violent death this school year. Janay Jackson was in her bed early Aug. 25 when a minivan plowed through the wall of her Kennerly Road home and killed her.

We will post more information as further details about the case emerge.

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[Orlando Sentinel]
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