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Jeffrey Ross Attends Roseanne Roast Dressed As Joe Paterno

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By HVentertainment on August 5, 2012

The Hollywood Reporter

Daniel Tosh and Dane Cook have gotten themselves into trouble recently over gang rape and Aurora jokes. Their defenders rushed in to say “That’s what comedians do, man, THEY PUSH THE ENVELOPE!” The problem, though, is that their jokes just weren’t that funny. If you’re going to offend, intentionally, you have to be funny. Laughs solve everything. Just ask Gilbert Gottfried and his famed 9/11 joke shortly after the 2001 attacks.

Roastmaster General Jeffrey Ross is the modern king of offending, of wanting people to take offense. The trick to Ross’ perfection of the dark art is his inclusiveness, how he circles the wagons and includes everyone on the joke. It’s almost the exact opposite goal of Cook and Tosh’s dickish jokes.

On Saturday, Comedy Central taped its latest roast, for Roseanne Barr. Continuing his tradition of dressing up — Ross showed up to Charlie Sheen’s roast as Moammar Gadhafi — Ross showed up as Joe Paterno, alongside two hairless young males in only helmets and towels.

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On the red carpet before the taping, Ross told The Hollywood Reporter “that the ‘P’ on his hat stood for ‘People who can take a joke.’ If they’re offended by what they see, they can do what Joe Paterno did – look the other way,” he said. And that’s how it’s done. Take notes, Dan and Dane.

The Roseanne roast will air on August 12 on Comedy Central.

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