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James Deen Wants to Bang Female Fans for a New Video Series

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By HVnews on November 6, 2012

James Deen Blog (NSFW)

If you are a person who watches naked people have sex on the internet, which includes roughly 99%* of all sentient beings, you know who James Deen is. If not by name, then by his scruffy, Jewy face … or, perhaps, another physical characteristic. The 26-year-old is the frequent subject of media head-scratching: His popularity with ladies of all ages makes him a walking rebuttal of the old canard that porn has no appeal to women.

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Deen recently made an appearance on popular social aggregator Reddit to discuss Measure B, California legislature that would make condoms mandatory for porn production in Los Angeles, which is up for vote today. (Porn stars don’t like it.) It’s an interesting discussion with lots of decent talking points — is frequent testing a safer preventative measure than condoms? will moving the porn industry out of L.A. cause unemployment to rise, and higher taxes? — and Deen has a lot to say about it:

measure b is an unconstitutional law. realistically someone will get prosecuted and then appeal to the supreme court and it will be turned over. if it passes it sets a precedent that the adult film industry is a scapegoat and can be used to further personal agendas. i can’t speak for international industries, but i imagine if there is a precedent set then other countries and counties will attack the community as well.

i absolutely agree to that and since condoms are less effective than our current testing procedures then it will essentially make it more risky to do porn

that is exactly why i am doing this ama. i wanted to make sure everyone knew we already had health and safety precautions and protocols in place. we have safety requirements that are proven time and time again to successfully work. this measure does not do anything to help. it actually makes things worse.

You should read it. (You’ll also learn what Stoya’s ladyparts taste like!)

And, of course, much of the thread is like this:

Deen also hints at an upcoming video series that his fans may be, well, excited about. One fan wrote,

You, sir, are my ultimate fantasy. Just thinking that there is a chance you might read this shakes me to my core. My life would be complete if I could feel your gorgeous blue eyes piercing through to my soul. I have masturbated to your videos daily for the past three years. You’re like breakfast to me. That said, realistically, how can I have a shot at having sex with you? Who can I talk to to make this happen? This is the centerpiece of my bucket list, and I would do ANYTHING to make it come true. Please, please, answer this.

His response:

i am thinking about doing a series where i do scenes with ladies who want to bang me. if you are so inclined i will make it very easy to apply when and if i ever get it up and running

The reception:

For the love of all that is holy and good in the universe, please do this! I need to know how to apply! I’m tearing up a bit just thinking about it. Thank you so, so much for your answer.

What would the timeframe on something like this be? How can I find out if you decide to make my dreams come true?

It’s a mystery for now — but no one can deny there’d be a demand for it. We asked Deen for more details, and dammit, he’d better get back to us, because we’re awfully curious.

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