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$1.5 Million in iPads Stolen From Same JFK Building as Lufthansa Heist

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By HVnews on November 15, 2012

Right now, there’s a bar that looks like this …

Actually, no.

It’s a nice throwback, but a pallet of iPads worth $1.5 million stolen by a couple of crooks does not a “Lufthansa Heist” make. In that 1978 robbery, portrayed magnificently in Goodfellas, the mob walked away with $5 million in cash (more than $15 million in today’s dollars) and $875,000 in jewels (more than $3M today). It remains one of the biggest hauls of all-time.

This is not that, but enjoyable callback by the New York Post:

A pair of brazen crooks punched another hole in the lax JFK security when they stole a trove of new Apple iPad minis — worth $1.5 million — from the same cargo building that was the site of the 1978 Lufthansa heist featured in “GoodFellas,” The Post has learned.

The crooks struck shortly before midnight on Monday and used one of the airport’s own forklifts to load two pallets of the tablet computers into a truck, according to law-enforcement sources.

They might have gotten more, but the thieves drove off leaving three more pallets of the Apple tablets behind after they were challenged by an airport worker returning from dinner.

“So, as a caper goes, it was probably unsuccessful,” a source said.

The thieves were still at large last night. Investigators, suspecting an inside job, have been questioning airport workers and given three of them polygraph tests, the sources said.

The crooks arrived at Building 261 around 11 p.m. in a white tractor trailer marked with the name CEVA on the side, according to the sources. They pulled up to the side of the airport building that faces onto a street and has less security than the other side, which is accessible from the airport tarmac.

Sources believe someone let them into the area and then let them out after they grabbed the iPads.

They grabbed about 3,600 of the minis that were being shipped by a company called Cargo Airport Services, which said the iPads had just arrived from China and were destined for locations around the US.

But the thought of an angry guy named Jimmy threatening men and their wives over new coats and new cars, yelling “I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU NOT TO BUY ANYTHING!,” is enough to wish for more robberies like this.

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