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Instant Karma: Chicago Man Helping Sandy Cleanup Wins NJ Lottery

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By HVnews on November 13, 2012

New Jersey Lottery

Good things come to good people. Remember that, jerks.

While some East Coast residents lost their lives when Sandy hit, the superstorm is responsible for Turner beginning a new one. In New Jersey to help homeowners clean up their flooded homes for free, Turner decided to buy a lottery ticket. ABC Chicago has more:

The 38-year-old Turner runs a water removal business called National Catastrophe Solutions of Chicago. He and his staff cleaned up homes flooded by Superstorm Sandy, including some for free, for homeowners who had lost everything.

“Some people didn’t have insurance coverage. Some people never would have expected this. It’s one of those 100 years deals,” said Turner.

It was last Sunday after a hard day of cleanup that Turner bought a New Jersey lottery scratch-off ticket. With a flick of the wrist, he became $100,000.

“Just shock, like this is not happening. Like this is not real,” said Turner.

After taxes, Turner’s take comes to about $70,000 — he said he will invest in his business and give to his church, among other ideas.

Here’s Turner on the jackpot:

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