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In 1995, These 5th-Graders Predicted the Internet’s Future

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By Sam Schieren on August 14, 2012

Fifth-graders in 1995 made a PSA about the future of the Internet. It turned out to be 100 percent correct — especially about the cats. [The Daily What]

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A group of kids in Ottawa got a little too excited (read: violent) about McDonald’s new 24-hour breakfast. Hay-makers were thrown.[BroBible]

Everyone on the Internet is talking about this video of a woman getting an anus tattoo. [Black Book]

Hilarious supercut of five-second films at the movies. [Filmdrunk]

Batman, now holding your toilet paper. He’s on a roll! [Robot Mutant]

Paul Ryan supported a bill that would have made Mitt Romney’s children criminals. [Mother Jones]

Teddy the cat is an asshole. [BuzzFeed]

Stephen Colbert on how “bold” Romney’s VP pick really is. [TPM]

Do you waych your favorite shows on the internet to avoid the pesky commercials of TV? Well, that strategy is about to get a lot more annoying. [Warming Glow]

It appears Bill and Ted will have a third Excellent Adventure. Keanu reveals a few plot details. [MTV Movies]

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