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Yup, That’s a Monkey Wearing a Hip Coat Hangin’ Solo at IKEA

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on December 9, 2012

UPDATE: The monkey is fine, it’s name is Darwin, and it will be taken to a sanctuary in Sunderland. No word on the fate of the coat.

Bronwyn Page

“It must be somebody’s pet because he was wearing a jacket,” the Ikea spokesperson said earlier, referring to the monkey, which was wearing a miniature, brown, shearling-type jacket.CBC

It’s like that old saying goes: “Give a rhesus macaque monkey a DAGSTORP sofa and some FYRKANTIG block candles and you furnish its condo for a while. Teach a rhesus macaque monkey to shop at IKEA itself for a DAGSTORP sofa and some FYRKANTIG block candles, and it has a great excuse to break out that wool coat that makes it look chic as fuck.”

The 5-month-old monkey appeared in the parking lot of a North York IKEA in Toronto on Sunday around 2 pm. Reports indicate its owners left the monkey in their car while they shopped and were unaware the Blue Steel-flashing primate had been loose outside and inside the store.

The “owners” eventually came forward and were fined for owning a prohibited animal. The monkey will not be returned. “The monkey was in a bit of shock, but it’s calmed down now that we’ve been feeding it some grapes,” a representative at the North York Animal Services Centre told The Star.

It’s unclear what will happen to the monkey at this time.

Bronwyn Page

It would be pretty awesome if some PETA activist came along and threw a bucket of fake blood on the IKEA monkey’s coat.

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Bronwyn Page

Some updates:

This one looks like the end of the Incredible Hulk:


The memes have begun:





Two separate parody Twitter accounts sprung up:

And, as usual, the peanut gallery brought it:

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