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If You Had Cancer, What Would Your Make-a-Wish Be? Is It Better Than This Kid’s?

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By HVnews on January 10, 2012

Maxwell Hinton is a seven-year-old boy from Fresno, California. “I got cancer, Neuroblastoma, and I went through treatment and they made a wish for me,” he told Fox Toledo.

His wish? To blow something up. With heavy explosives. “I watch MythBusters and they inspired me to blow a building up,” he said. So the Make-a-Wish Foundation made it happen for him.

They flew Hinton and his family from California to Huron, Ohio, where the boy pushed the button that imploded a huge ConAgra grain silo in Erie County. Watch it go down:

The best part of the story comes at the very end: Hinton is now cancer-free.

This begs the question: What would your wish be? Don’t pick meeting the Barefoot Contessa.

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