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Hipster Taxidermy, Failed Dunks, Beer Googles and Other Web Goodness



By HVentertainment
September 21, 2012 at 2:53 pm

Proving that nothing is immune from the potent irony of hipsters, this might be the only hipster taxidermist, or at least we hope she is. [Death and Taxes]

There is nothing beer can’t do. Watch this convenience store owner smash a six pack, disarming a would be robber. [TheFW]

Massachusetts high schooler Nerlens Noel, rated as the #1 player in the class of 2012 by ESPN,attempted a dunk in a pick-up game and crushed a small child in the process. [WithLeather]

If you film a Doritos commercial for the Super Bowl, you could become Michael Bay’s new apprentice and heir to the never-ending Transformers franchise. [FilmDrunk]

While taking another man hostage with an alleged gun and bomb this morning, Klein Michael Thaxton found some time to live blog his thoughts on Facebook. [BroBible]

This dad sent his son’s favorite toy train into space because he can. Maybe ask if he’s finished playing with it first? [Videogum]

The average American over the age of 2 watches approximately more than 34 hours of live TV a week. And you wonder why we’re leading the country in obesity and underperforming education. [WarmingGlow]

Guess Who? Doctor Who! How did this brilliant board game mashup not happen sooner? [UnrealityMag]

North Carolina students can no longer cyberbully their teachers under a new state law. [DailyDot]

Understand the fine science of the social phenomena of Beer Goggles with this helpful info graphic. [TheDailyWhat]



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