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Hilarious New ‘Trayvoning’ Trend Sweeps the Racist, Idiotic Nation

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By HVnews on May 25, 2012

No one predicted that the killing of an unarmed black teenager in Florida would spawn an Internet meme devoted to mocking him. Probably because we like to think we’ve evolved past this.

Then someone goes and rolls out with a Trayvon Martin gun range target.

Then a bunch of white kids start multiple #Trayvoning Facebook groups (since removed). This is as awful as it sounds. It’s like Tebowing, but with white kids posing as a gunshot victim, wearing a hoodie and holding Skittles and an iced tea, which is what Trayvon Martin had on him when George Zimmerman shot him to death in February.

Hurr durr, says the Internet, it’s just a joke! Mocking this dead kid is funny and totally removed from its racial context! Wait, no it’s not. Because when provoked, the Facebook group members started spewing their own justifications: They’re combating “racism against whites.” “White people are becoming more and more oppressed.”

Reverse racism is a very serious problem, you see, that needs to be mitigated by mocking people of color shot and killed by non-minorities. So it’s a joke that’s not a joke that’s really political commentary on how hard it is to be white. Oh, OK, I get it now.


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