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‘Oh My F’n Gosh, Dude, That’s Insane!’

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By HVvids on March 8, 2012

Dude. That’s a nearly half-mile wide EF4 tornado less than a mile away. That thing will stay on the ground for 49 miles, kill as many as 11 people and cause a ridiculous amount of damage to the area.

Thank you for staying outside to film it for us, but … GET YOUR ASS INTO SOME SHELTER!

That’s footage from Henryville, Indiana, on March 2 when the tornado came through. The video was shot by Rhett Adams and posted to YouTube by TheMavspivey. Look how fast that thing is moving — this is what 175 MPH winds and full-scale chaos looks like.

Click Page 2 below for several more insane videos of this devastating tornado …

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