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Hamptons Afterprom Party Scammer Made $34,000 Off Rich Teens

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By HVnews on July 10, 2012

Here’s a plot twist straight out of Gossip Girl: A woman renting her Hamptons home (above) returned to find nearly 100 teens were using it as an afterprom crash pad. Her renter, Lee Hnetinka, had charged $350 a head — banking over $34,000 on a weekend-long party. The kids were sent home without getting their money back, but the home was unharmed and Hnetinka won’t be prosecuted. [ABC News]

Detroit rapper Young Calicoe takes us on a YouTube tour through his home, out the door … and into his (alleged) dogfighting ring. “I hope we don’t get indicted for that. That Michael Vick–type shit,” he boasts. “Anyone want a fighting dog?” Naturally, a police investigation is underway. [Daily What]

A game of Numbers and Letters on Australian TV got seriously awkward. [HuffPo Comedy]

Actor Ron Perlman reprised his role as Hellboy … to meet this incredibly happy 6-year-old with leukemia. [Videogum]

Seal Island, where great white sharks hunt seals in a ring of death: [Environmental Graffiti]

These Game of Thrones impressions are just unreal: [BroBible]

The 20 greatest fuck-yous on the Internet: [HyperVocal]

Brits compete over who can write the best song about cheese. Yes, really. My money’s on Paddy Wex. [NPR]

Nas and Nick Cannon bemoan “degenerative” rap music in this disturbing minstrel-show sketch: [Upworthy]

This guy styled his beard like an X-Wing from Star Wars: [Robot Mutant]

What makes migration possible? Birds have magnets in their freakin’ brains. How come that took us so long to figure out? [Death+Taxes]

Paul Rudd, like Jon Hamm before him, jammed with Reggie Watts: [Warmingglow]

Want a healthy baby? Get a dog, too. [The Week]

House minority whip Steny Hower went on a long rant against the GOP’s tax plan, arguing that Republicans’ “protect small businesses” argument was “absolutely dead flat wrong” — in 1993 and 2010. [TPM]

Here’s Kanye West’s debut on Keeping Up With the Kardashians: [Papermag]

Nicolas Cage and the birth of the resumeme: [Daily Dot]

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