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Guy Named ‘Santa John’ Busted for Showing Girl His North Pole

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By HVnews on March 6, 2012

This story about a guy who bounces kids on his lap all day sending pornography to a 15-year-old girl makes you want to hide under the covers and not leave the house for days.

Know who else will not be leaving his house? This guy, North Carolinian “Santa” John Thomas Peters, who, upon release from jail, will be under house arrest after posting his $100,000 bond for several child sex offenses, reports WRAL.com.

Peters worked as a department-store Santa and drove a red convertible sports car with the vanity plate “SantaCar.” Using the high-school-quarterback screen name Brad Taylor, he began chatting online with a girl whose pictures he found on two modeling websites, eventually sending her pornography and describing in detail “how he wanted sexual favors and how he was going to do stuff to her,” the girl’s mother said.

The teen, with her mother’s help, convinced Peters to wait for her at a nearby restaurant — where, of course, the cops showed up instead to arrest him. Oldest trick in the book! She’s definitely going on the naughty list. Right, Santa John?

One question: How is this guy rich enough to post his own bail and drive a convertible around? Does that mean he could’ve retired and sailed yachts all day, but chose instead to be a Santa?

That’s almost too creepy to bear.


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