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Watch Gus Fring on ‘Sesame Street,’ and Other Web Goodness

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By Sam Schieren on July 11, 2012

Check out Giancarlo Esposito — a.k.a. Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring — on Sesame Street back in 1982. You’ll notice his face is much younger. And fully there. [Laughing Squid]

To doob or not to doob? A man in Westchester, NY, received over $500 of weed in the mail and chose to alert police. C’mon, man! [BroBible]

The saga of a death-threat-filled Tumblr flame war against sex educator Laci Green: [Daily Dot]

Good news, Andrew Garfield: Batman’s batsuit may kill him, but Spider-Man’s abilities may be more plausible than we thought. [TDW Geek]

A review of the swanky new “privacy chair” that kinda looks like an Edward Gorey baby carriage: [Geekosystem]

Seth Myers will not replace Regis on Live! [Videogum]

How to make your own Big Mac sauce. Yum? [Daily What]

Today is 7-Eleven’s 83rd birthday — as well as July 11 (7/11). And so the great convenience store has decided to bless us with free frozen delight. [7-Eleven]

Two point two million people watched The Newsroom. Critics are being out-pretentious’d by Aaron Sorkin. [Uproxx]

Man hold himself hostage with hopes of marrying Paris Hilton, the world’s worst DJ. [Time]

Beautiful, insightful interview with a woman who was a secretary at Playboy in the 1960s. [The Morning News]

The Imposter, a documentary-thriller, to be released on Friday, tells the story of a kidnapped boy who appeared nearly four years later in Spain … or did he?
[Black Book Mag]

The 20 weirdest Etsy items of 2012. Because all good Jewish dogs should have yarmulkes. [HyperVocal]

Check out these artfully handcrafted Game of Thrones cupcakes. [Robot Mutant]

Say Apple wanted to recruit you to work for them. (I know, I know. Bear with me.) This is how they’d try to nab you. [BuzzFeed]

Earlier we posted Mitt Romney’s speech to the NAACP claiming he was better for black people than Obama. Here’s a look at how the audience reacted. [BuzzFeed]

Taco Bell takes on Old Spice via Twitter. Feud brewing? [Death+Taxes]

Crazy cat people of the Internet, the Internet Cat Video Film Festival will make its debut August 30 in Minneapolis, Minn. [Daily Dot]

View the stunning lifecycle of the endangered praying mantis. [Environmental Graffiti]

The 10 hottest lady vampires of all time. ’Nough said. [Hollywire]

Are 7 billion people too many? How about 9 billion? Great commentary on population growth: [Mother Jones]

Arrested Development set to begin shooting in four weeks. Hell. Yes. [MTV]

Lady Gaga launches her own social network, which appears to be a conglomerate of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit. [Papermag]

After Republicans failed to repeal Obamacare for a 33rd time, Dems say they expect Obamacare to thrive. [TPM]

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