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Gun-Toting Facebook Dad Tommy Jordan, According to Taiwanese Animators

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By Cooper Fleishman on February 14, 2012

When cowboy hat–wearing, IT-working Tommy Jordan (check out his Facebook page!) grounded his daughter, she took to Facebook — a big no-no when you’re grounded — to write a rant about how her asshole parents make her, like, do all these chores! Infuriated, Dad set up an Adirondack chair outside last week, lit his cigarette, calmly read the post aloud, responded to a few of his daughter’s points and then … well, you probably know what happens by now.

And then the marvelously demented NMA animators got their hands on the story, tied in the dad who made his kid do push-ups in the snow and made a us cynical pooh-bahs really excited about something that happened decades ago (in Internet years).

Taiwan’s Next Media Animation burst onto the scene with its the hilarious video re-enactment of what went down in the Woods/Nordgren household that fateful Thanksgiving night. Since then the group has cranked out brilliant clips about Brett Favre’s peckerCarl Paladino’s campaign shenanigansthe Chilean miners adjusting to life underground, an Aussie rugby star getting blown by a dog, the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or FearConan O’Brien’s return to TV and the invasive TSA patdowns.

As usual with the NMA folks, this is completely bizarre, technically inaccurate and enticingly must-see. Jordan bragged that CBS called to offer him a show. It would probably look nothing like this, but a man can dream. Enjoy.



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