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He Is Now the World’s Best Parallel Parker (Literally, Says Guinness)



By HVvids
May 31, 2012 at 4:45 pm

The Guinness World Record for tightest parallel park has changed hands five times in the past two years. Patrik Folco took the title — a space just 8.66 inches longer than his car — last month, and many record-watchers thought it would be unbeatable. Then China’s Han Yue came along.

Watch the Chinese parking master squeeze into a spot just 5.91 inches longer than his Mini, dubbed “The Chinese Job.”

On a somewhat related note, a YouTuber on the video above just set a Guinness record for most insensitive anti-Asian comment ever: “I mean… Aren’t Asians already good at getting tiny things into tight places…?”

[Guinness World Records/The Daily What]


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