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Greek Brothel Owner Puts Out to Keep School Doors Open

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By HVnews on November 7, 2012

It’s no secret that Greece has fallen on hard times economically (Molotov cocktails for everyone!). But the hard times at one Greek brothel are what’s saving a local primary school’s budget.


Brothel owner Soula Alevridou first saved the balls of the Voukefalas soccer team through sponsorship to the tune of 1,000 euros. In exchange, the group of athletes donned jerseys advertising Soula’s House of History. Now Alevridou is turning her philanthropic eye towards to a primary school in Patras.

Responding to an open invitation by the Patra Elementary School Parents Association for funding, Alevridou pledged to donate 3,000 euro to provide a photocopier and a library and cover additional operational costs. Whether they like the source of the money or not, she was their only option when it came to saving the education of the children. The school said, “The only one who agreed to help us was the owner of a brothel.” No word yet on wether the children will also be adorned with shirts adorably advertising the services of Soula’s House of History.

Though the money in her pockets might come courtesy of an all-you-can-eat house of pita pockets, at least she’s generous enough to give. In spite of Greece’s economy being in ruin and gasoline costing over $9 a liter, the world’s oldest profession is still thriving and throbbing while promising a brighter future to the next generation through education.

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