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10 People Who HATED the Inaugural ‘Great GoogaMooga’ Festival in Prospect Park

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By HVnews on May 20, 2012

“…ram a splintery broom up your ass and keep it there for 9 hours and then we will be even.”

The long-awaited, well-PR’d Great GoogaMooga festival in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park isn’t as Great as the adjective in its name would suggest. Attendees are Greatly PISSED off at Superfly Productions, the organizers who have done an incredible job making Bonnaroo a can’t-miss cultural event.

Obligatory Sunday update: Maybe the booths got quicker. Maybe half the crowd decided not to go. No matter what happened, Sunday was a breeze. Even the longest lines barely lasted five minutes. Security was plentiful. We only wished one of the booths was a mobile cellphone tower.

Long food and drink lines, a lack of fresh water, limited supplies and a run on toilet paper had festival-goers cranking out angry posts on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and everywhere else New Yorkers might look to see how Day 1 went. It’s the first day of a new festival, and problems are to be expected — but there seemed to be more Internet Outrage than usual surrounding this new event. Surely Superfly worked hard overnight to fix what some attendees were calling a “nightmare.”

Organizers tried to put on a happy face on the GGM Facebook page: “All things considered great day of food, drink, art, music and fun. Of course we know there were problems. We’ll get it better. Day one, first year, always a lot to learn. You guys can sure eat and drink, we love you.”

But that sentiment was met with a barrage of negativity. Here are the 10 best:

• “Absolute shit show. To post that there were some problems and give yourself a pat in the back is Indicative that this show was run by a gang of idiots. Whoever posted this please go home don’t pass go. Don’t collect $200 go straight to jail and ram a splintery broom up your ass and keep it there for 9 hours and then we will be even.” —Julee

• “‘You guys can sure eat and drink’. Really, GM? How gauche of us to expect to be able to do so at a food festival. Your arrogance is the worst part of this disaster…and that’s saying a lot.” —JoJo

• “Prison for Superfly. Telling you. PRISON.” –Sean

• “Get a clue. No one that I talked to was happy. Did you have a CLUE what you were doing?” —Diana

• “Please Prospect Park Alliance, if you are reading this: DO NOT APPROVE THIS EVENT FOR NEXT YEAR! I have donated money to you this year and in the past and love Celebrate Brooklyn. But after spending a few hours there today I can assure you, Superfly have no idea WTF they are doing.” —Ryan

• “These weren’t small problems. These were HUGE problems. No helpers. Huge lines. None of it made any sense. It’s a shame because the concept is brilliant. Please tell me you paid those poor ExtraMooga people back…or will in the near future. Such a shame.” —Fabienne

• “I’m one of the ones who got fooled into buying the extra mooga tickets. Got two for my partner and myself. Needless to say that I’m upset as fuck. No food. No drinks. Two beers and a bag of chips cost me close to 500$. Fuck you! Never again. Will call my credit card company tomorrow and request my money back. What a fucking mess.” —Zelko

• “Water should have been available around the park for free. The only thing that was free was orbitz gum, but that won’t solve dehydration. Security was TERRIBLE, a child went missing during holy ghost set and it was announced from the music stage? The most child-unfriendly event I have ever attended. Potential missing/injured/dehydrated children.” —Melissa

• “‘If you go in with ZERO expectation you might actually have fun.’ Like going into a food and beer festival expecting food and beer was a huge stretch.” —Jason

• “This was the worst event I’ve ever been to EVER. I know as New Yorkers we’ll wait in line for food and beer, but this was a total nightmare. The idiots who ran this event should be ashamed of themselves. Not only were the wristbands, googa moula and layout epic fails, but the fact that you ran out of beer is embarrassing. You told food vendors to bring 2000 portions to an event with 40,000 people??!? Are you nuts? And why on earth would you have a summer event with no water options other than waiting in an hour-long line? We left hungry and thirsty and annoyed. Not only did it seem like the organizers had never organized a big event before, it seemed like they’d never even BEEN to a big event before. You guys should apologize to everyone who had the misfortune of trying to go to this event instead of spinning a pathetically-transparent positive PR campaign to pretend like it wasn’t so bad. You should just bow your heads and apologize. I mean, you ran out of wristbands and beer 3 hours into a two day event!? It was the definition of an Epic Fail!” —Nadia

There were many defenders as well. But that’s some seriously harsh buzz.

The most amazing part? Very few people have mentioned the music or the quality of the food. It’s been all about lines and a lack of preparedness. Maybe Hall & Oates can solve all.


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