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GOP Outreach Site ‘RNC Latinos’ Uses Stock Photo of Asian Kids

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By HVpolitics on June 14, 2012

File this one under ‘Close enough for government work’ …

Even though the Republican Party has repeatedly tried to make English the national language and build a wall so high it would rival the northern barrier in “Game of Thrones,” it still understands the importance of appealing to minority voters. After all, 87 percent of Republicans are white — it might be wise to diversify and reach out to people who don’t look and sound like them.

In October, RNClatinos.com was born, a Spanish-language site where “Republican National Committee can connect with Hispanic voters, and Hispanic voters can hear Hispanic Republican leaders.”

The party leaders said nothing about Asians being involved in this web connection and airing of grievances.

If you go to RNClatinos.com, you might be a bit confused. It turns out, the site is using a stock photo featuring Asian children in the top left corner. Close enough?

(The photo has since been removed, but not before we grab these screencaps.)

U.S. News & World Report’s Washington Whispers blog was quick to point out that Shutterstock “tags the photo with keywords that clearly suggest the kids are Asian, including: ‘asia,’ ‘asian,’ ‘interracial,’ ‘japanese,’ and ‘thailand.'”

The word Latino appears nowhere in the tags.

The RNC might want to go ahead and correct that before the polling gap between President Obama and Mitt Romney gets out of hand. As it stands now, Obama only holds a 43-point lead among Latino voters.

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