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GOP Rep. Outraged By $70 Hummer … Fill-up

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By HVpolitics on February 24, 2012

Gas prices are really high. Newt Gingrich, in fact, has turned his struggling campaign into a referendum on President Barack Obama’s inability to control soaring prices at the pump. But he’s not the only one who speciously believes the president single-handedly controls how much you pay for petrol.

Outspoken, oft-outraged congressman Allen West (R-FL) took to Facebook on Thursday to eviscerate the president over his most recent fill-up. You see, Rep. West paid $70 at the pump for gas, which is absolutely insane considering he drives such a fuel-efficient as a … wait, does that say Hummer H3?

Uh huh. The Party of Personal Liberty and Freedom is unwavering in its belief that freedom and liberty shouldn’t come with consequences. You want to buy a vehicle that gets 15 miles per gallon to fill a 23-gallon tank? Great! But don’t come crying when it costs $70 to fill the tank, man. The equation is simple for guys like West: FREEDOM + CHOICE – CONSEQUENCES = OBAMA SUX.

To be clear, President Obama *should* focus his efforts on bringing gas prices down, and the Republicans *should* keep hitting him to score cheap points (it’s very effective). But doing it when you’ve got an expensive Hummer? When you made a personal choice? Weak sauce.

There’s only one way to solve this crisis, Mr. President. Forget rallying the country around hybrid and electric vehicles, forget fuel efficiency standards, forget bowing to pressure to drill offshore to use up the last of our junk supply. No, the real answer is easy: Let’s go invade someone.

(via Broward Palm Beach New Times via BuzzFeed)

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