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GOP Candidates’ Approval Ratings Turned Into Actual Sex Toys

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By HVpolitics on May 15, 2012

Matthew Epler’s “Grand Old Party” data-visualization project charts the approval ratings of the GOP presidential candidates in a symmetrical shape. It then turns this data into silicone butt plugs.

Each shape is determined by voter approval ratings amongst registered republican voters for each of the GOP presidential candidates. The height is a measurement of time, beginning December 10, 2011, and ending on April 1, 2012 (bottom to top). The width of each object is the quantity by percentage (out of 100%) of approval for that candidate. All data comes directly from Gallup polls.

From the catalog:

Whether you’re Democrat or Republican, you’ve probably grown weary of the endless circus that is the electoral process. It is painful. But it shouldn’t be that way. As a member of a free democratic state, you should feel exhilarating pleasure when exercising your right to choose your leader.

The toys are priced at $350 for the entire set or $65 each ($45 for the much smaller Bachmann and Perry models). Here’s the catalog with detailed specs.

If there’s some joke to be made here, we don’t know what it is. In fact, we can’t find anything funny whatsoever about this whole operation. These stiff but resilient candidates, who all work tirelessly to regulate your sex life, would find it quite cheeky to turn their hard data into prostate-stimulating dildos. Especially Santorum. Santorum would be all over this.


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