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‘God’ on Facebook Redirects to Bruce Campbell

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By HVculture on June 20, 2012

UPDATE: “Bruce Campbell” on Facebook now redirects to God.

Facebook Easter egg or individual prank? Check out what happens if you head to the “God” interest page, which has more than 6.6 million followers: You’re redirected to the fanpage of B-movie legend and human chin Bruce Campbell, star of Army of Darkness and the Evil Dead films.

Maybe it’s an elaborate prank, and whoever created the God page waited until it accumulated a fan base as large as the population of Hong Kong before trolling everybody. Or maybe — just maybe — it was Zuck and Co. Because that’d be hilarious.

God does have another, untainted Facebook presence — but He’s not as popular as, say, bacon or even a Justin Bieber box set. Poor God.


UPDATE: Sorry, Bruce. I mean God.

Maybe Bruce deigned to let lesser deities rule. As of Wednesday night, God is back to plain old God — but “Bruce Campbell” on Facebook now redirects to Him.

One Redditor pointed out that “Bruce Cambell” on Wikipedia redirects to God. He/she took a screencap, but it has since been fixed.

Facebook fan Charlie Cromer steals the Comment of the Day prize: “Perhaps this is a — dare I say it? — Bruce Almighty situation.”

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