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Getting Arrested … in Style

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By steveconroy on June 7, 2012

A man in Trinity, Texas, arrested for brawling with his stepfather, arrived at the police station well prepared — with an explicit tattoo taunting the constable who busted him three months earlier.

Woody Wallace can suck my [explicit],” the tattoo read.

Constable Woody Wallace said his office arrested Jonathan Thompson, 30, after he got in an altercation with his stepfather. Authorities arrested him on a charge of terroristic threat on Monday.

While police were booking Thompson into jail, they saw the tattoo.

“They have to take pictures of all their tattoos and he said, ‘Make sure you get this one right here,'” Wallace said. “Then they all said, ‘Woody, you got to get in here.’ I saw it and said, ‘Is that real?’ and he said, ‘Yup!'”

Wallace had arrested Thompson in March on accounts of burglary. Thompson never admitted to the crime. But on Monday, when he was arrested for fighting, he gave up his stepfather — who he said was his accomplice.

It gets even weirder, too. Wallace said the brawl started when Thompson began choking his stepfather’s dog. He looked at his stepfather and said, “You’re next.” Then, according to Wallace, Thompson said he was “going to become a serial killer and kill everyone who made him mad.”

Or just get more awesome tribute tattoos. Texas forever.


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