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Groping! Licking! Flashing! Hot Georgia Bulldogs Fan Arrested

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By HVnews on December 4, 2012

This is hot, this is hot, this is hot, this is hot …

An intoxicated Georgia Bulldog fan allegedly wreaked havoc at two Dacula restaurants Saturday, groping, licking and flashing fellow patrons before being arrested.

Groping! Licking! Flashing! And THIS:

A female customer said [Jana] Lawrence had rubbed her genital area and licked her face before flashing the bar.

Rubbing of genitals! This is hot!

Can’t wait to see what she looks li…

Gwinett Daily Post

… not hot, not hot, not hot, not hot.

Here’s a perfect summation:

Lawrence was arrested in the parking lot outside and charged with two counts of sexual battery and one count each of simple battery, public intoxication and public indecency. Jail records showed she had not posted $17,885 bond for her release as of Monday afternoon.

#While being transported to the jail, Lawrence reportedly spit on the partition between herself and the officer and hit “her head against the door window.” She reportedly told the officer “she would bury me under the jail” and asked a female sheriff’s deputy at intake “if she had and wanted a girlfriend.”

Yikes. Go Dawgs!

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