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Gays Are Destroying the Sanctity of Ice Cream, Too

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By HVculture on March 13, 2012

Ben & Jerry’s recently unveiled their new flavor of ice cream, a U.K.-only revamping of their Oh My! Apple Pie called Apple-y Ever After, in support of British marriage equality legislation. The packaging features two men on a wedding cake. Those pesky gays! First they put opposite marriage in peril, and now they threaten ice cream, too? Is nothing sacred anymore? Can B&J’s counterbalance this obvious pandering to the left by coming out with a Santorum flavor? Because that would be f***ing delicious.

Via Creativity Online, who writes,

The UK Government this week opens a consultation on how to implement the legislation that will give equal marriage rights to gay people. The Unilever-owned ice-cream brand, in partnership with gay rights charity Stonewall, is encouraging consumers to use the #applyeverafter hashtag on Twitter and send in their support for the legislation. They can also show support using a Facebook app that allows you to ‘marry’ someone of the same sex (and get a tub of free ice-cream), or they can write in to their Member of Parliament via a template on a dedicated section of the brand website.



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