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GA Restaurant’s New ‘Rihanna Got Beaten Up’ Burger Isn’t Very Popular

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By HVnews on March 26, 2012

From the front lines of “Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?” news, Georgia restaurant Chops & Hops promoted their new Black & Bleu burger with this tweet: “@chrisbrown, @rihanna and us teamed up for a award winning celebrity sandwich.” Gee, I wonder why people are upset!

Chris Brown won’t beat you up for eating this unless your name starts with a R and ends with A,” the tweets added.

It’s often quite a shitshow when businesses write crap on Twitter just for the sake of writing crap on Twitter. Sometimes it ends in disaster. But this time, “it’s tough to predict how Twitterers will react!” is a horrible excuse. Obviously, evoking the image of Rihanna’s pummeled features to sell a burger is not the most likable marketing campaign.

Naturally, people are upset. “You’ve really [blown] it with this ad,” one patron wrote on Facebook. “Domestic violence is not a joking matter and never should be made to appear so. Mark us down as 2 lost customers.”

Chops & Hops immediately apologized, posting this on Facebook: “The owners of C&H would like to make sure everyone knows that we and our staff DO NOT SUPPORT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Many of us have been affected by domestic violence in some manner and realize that this is no joke. … We have been involved in fundraising for [anti–domestic violence] Project Safe Team 6 and we fully intend on donating proceeds (times 6 – in honor of Team 6) from the sales of the burger.”

Sounds like they learned their lesson: Screen the shit your Twitter lackeys write.

Also, don’t fuck with Rihanna.



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