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Futuristic Self-Guided Bullet Will Find Its Target From a Mile Away

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By Cooper Fleishman on February 2, 2012

Ever get disappointed that our world isn’t as high-tech as we envisioned it would be in the ’90s? Yeah, me too. And then I see some real James Bond shit, like this optical-sensor-equipped, self-navigating bullet that’s accurate up to a mile away, and I get filled with giddy, childlike excitement, because it’s officially the Future.

The four-inch bullet is the creation of Sandia National Laboratories. It’s equipped with a laser that points at the target and a sensor that locks it in the path. Fins aid in steering and stability. And the mile might not actually be a limit: “Preliminary tests suggest that increasing a target’s distance actually improves the projectile’s accuracy by giving it more time to adjust its flight path.”

It’s still a prototype, but Sandia is “seeking a private company partner to complete testing and bring a guided bullet to the marketplace.” They’d try to make it available for “recreational” purchase, which is, admittedly, terrifying. Military and law enforcement is one thing, but this is high-grade weaponry. It’s unnerving to think about 18-year-olds with possession of a self-guided bullet. It’d be like buying a Stradivarius at a Guitar Center for a junior-high orchestra.

And what if the bullets go rogue and lock on to crazy shit? Like the blue shell in Mario Kart or Liam Neeson in Taken, it will simply seek you out and kill you. That said, the bullet is no more dangerous than an AK-47, which I could buy right now if I wanted. Gun laws, everybody.

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