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Future Hell Occupant Steals Cash From Boy in Wheelchair; Strangers Rally to Donate

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on March 25, 2012

Nolan Turner’s schoolmates wanted to see him play wheelchair basketball. In order to bring the experience to his classmates at Briarcliff Elementary in Cary, North Carolina, he needed to raise $1,000.

So the 12-year-old camped out on the sidewalk and sold bottled water for $1. As part of his sales pitch, his father said, he did “tricks for those who came by and donated or purchased some water.”

Turner did well. He raised $250, which he kept in a bucket. On Thursday, around 6:30 pm, an unknown man approached the boy, grabbed his bucket and walked away in a hurry, according to the News & Observer. Nolan screamed, but he couldn’t give chase. The man got away. The bucket turned up later, but the cash was missing. Ken Turner says the man got away with about $150 of his son’s funds.

As of post-time, police are still searching for culprit, described as black male in his 20s between 5′ 6” and 5′ 8” with a tattoo on the back of his left arm. He is either bald or has very short hair, Cary Police Department Capt. Mike Williams told the News & Observer.

The Happy Ending

But the story doesn’t end there. Ken Turner took to Go Fund Me, hoping the kindness of strangers would emerge after people heard his son’s sad tale. He hoped to raise the $1,000 Nolan needed. As of 8 am on Monday, Turner’s page raised nearly $18,000 from more than 400 online donors.

Faith in humanity: restored. The Turner family said all of the funds raised will go to BridgeIISports, the nonprofit group that organizes Nolan’s wheelchair basketball team.

Turner updated the page with on Sunday: “Lots of positivity! I know that I keep saying it but we are amazed by all of the outpouring of support from friends, strangers, and basically everyone else. Whether you donated or just offered a supporting message, Nolan has been overcome with emotion at times as we read the messages that are pouring in from all over. IF we can, I will be checking, I will see if we will be allowed to post a video of the game. I know that many of you have been asking, I will see what we can do. Once again, THANK YOU on behalf of the school, team, myself, Nolan, and BridgeIISports!”

You can donate, too. Right here.

(above image by Casey Toth, News & Observer)



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