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Furby Is Back! 10 Toys From the ’90s That Are Making a Comeback

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By India Kushner on July 18, 2012

After 14 years, Hasbro, for some unknown reason, has decided to bring back Furby. You remember, that fuzzy toy that seemed so cute until you brought it home and it never stopped making noise? We’re not sure why it’s back, but Furby can’t be the only ’90s toy making a comeback, right?

1. Furby

The way-too-creepy, sorta-cuddly gremlinesque toy will return to store shelves and holiday wishlists. This time it’s softer, with LCD eyes (even creepier!), and it’s smarter. Not sure if that’s such a good thing.

2. Razor Scooters

The coolest toys to hit the streets in the ’90s, they slowly faded out when kids realized you could go about 300 times faster on skateboards and bikes. That, and the fact that no one wore a helmet, so every kid on a scooter got a concussion. It seemed like they were a thing of the past until hipsters and college kids started riding them again.

Andrew St. Clair

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3. Cabbage Patch Kids

The chubby bucktoothed dolls will (apparently) make a resurgence this Christmas. Not completely sure why. We probably have these people to thank. Obsessed much?

4. Easy-Bake Ovens

For those of you who never got your own Easy-Bake Oven, or if you just miss playing with it (if so, you definitely have too much time on your hands), it’s back with a brand-new design. Minus the lightbulb.

5. Scrabble Flash

From books to newspapers to board games, everything is becoming digital today. Scrabble, tired of competing with the Alec Baldwin–approved Words With Friends, the new Scrabble has players use five electronic tiles to make as many words as possible within 75 seconds. The tiles can figure out when you’re trying to make a word and whether the words is a real one, thanks to its fancy new “WONDER-LINK Technology.”

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6. Monopoly Revolution

Monopoly for a new generation. Except there’s no money. Nope, instead you get a credit card and scan it when you buy property.

7. Legos

With the return of Batman and superheroes like Thor, Iron Man and Captain America becoming popular again, Lego is releasing a new minifigure superhero collection.

8. My Little Pony

The full-of-rainbows-and-love ponies are here to stay. They even have their own TV show on Cartoon Network, called My Little Ponies: Friendship Is Magic. Even guys, or “bronies,” are getting into it.

9. Super Soakers

It’s a morbid comeback. This past May, a 54-year-old man from California took apart a Super Soaker and modified it to hold a shotgun shell. Luckily, police arrested him before anyone was hurt. Not exactly the best use of a toy.

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10. Troll Dolls

They’re naked, they’re hairy and they’re just weird. Trolls, the strange naked dolls with brightly colored tufts of hair, have returned. This time in movie format. That’s right. Dreamworks announced the movie, titled (creatively) Trolls, will feature Jason Schwartzman as the lead voice role and Chloë Grace Moretz as the female lead.

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