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You Can’t Make France’s Biggest Omelet Without Breaking 5,212 Eggs

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By Cooper Fleishman on April 17, 2012

In the wine-country village of Haux in southern France, the yearly Easter celebration involves the cooking of an omelet whose eggs outnumber the population 50 to 1. This year, claimed flyers in the center of town, the 5,212-egg omelette géante was a “record-breaker” — and I happened to be vacationing a few miles away.

The record broken by this event wasn’t the world record — that’d be the whopping 110,000 eggs cooked in Turkey in 2010 — but the previous year’s in Haux. (At least one other small French village produces a 5,000-egg Easter omelet.) But the thousands of villagers and visitors in Haux treated it like history in the making, getting sloshed on Bordeaux at 11 a.m. and feasting on oysters and grilled sausages from local vendors.


Click through the gallery above for lots of pics, and scroll down to see how they made the omelet …


Cooking the enormous breakfast was a sight to behold. The process took several hours, starting with a 12-foot cast-iron pan that required a half-dozen men to carry and place over a fire pit:

Gallons of vegetable oil, followed by several buckets of lardons, or fatty bits of bacon, were dumped in:

Then the spinach and veggies:

Then, finally, the 5,000 eggs, which arrived pre-broken and sloshing around in a half-dozen three-foot buckets:

And stirred …

And stirred …

This guy was awesome:

I didn’t eat the end result, but the omelet was enough to feed the entire 1,000-person crowd. A TV film crew was on the scene, interviewing several locals and even an American, who told the cameras, in perfect French, “In America we eat omelets like this all the time.” Damn right.


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