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FoxNews.com Readers’ Unbelievably Racist Reactions to Whitney Houston’s Death

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By HVmedia on February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston died at 48 on Saturday. Fox News’ coverage is pretty much matter-of-fact. Then, those who wanted to weigh in on the story were treated to these sympathetic eulogies.

Fairly Obvious Warning: There’s some pretty graphic language in these quotes. It’s one of those things you read and think, “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore,” or “Maybe the U.S. should divide into two parts.” Then again, considering the news network hosts contributors who call the president a “skinny, ghetto crackhead,” this might not surprise you at all.

Foxnews.com’s comment moderation system includes a scan for no-no words, the N-word being one of them. So of course, you get around that by putting spaces between the letters, or replacing the G’s with Q’s or 6’s. It’s surprising how often this neat little trick comes in handy.

Somehow, this is all the fault of the one other black person they know, President Obama:

In this bizarre universe, the “trolls” are the ones saying, “Um, that’s really offensive.” GTFO, you PC libtrolls! This isn’t racism, it’s reality! Right, guys?

Oddly, this barrage is enough to make a guy who says “I despise what you stand for and quite frankly, could care less if a truck ran down your dog” seem like the most reasonable commenter here.

Still, let’s remember, as many commenters remind us, that racist comments occur everywhere on Foxnews.com, not just posts about African-Americans. I don’t know if that makes this better or worse, but it’s funny that the racists on this particular thread feel singled out. Can’t they just spout their crackpot theories in peace?

There are lots more, as Little Green Footballs points out. That’ll be a fun game to play: How far can you scroll through it before vomiting up your morning coffee?

(via Little Green Footballs)

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