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Another First: Two Gay Vets Get Engaged on U.S. Military Base

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By HVnews on April 27, 2012

Anyone who likes the current direction of progress will love this …

My my, look how far we’ve come: In just seven months we’ve gone from Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to a soldier in uniform telling his dad he’s gay on YouTube to an historic lesbian kiss at a Navy homecoming to a full-on surprise engagement of two gay veterans on a military base. Progress.

(photos via James Freeman/LGBT Weekly)

LGBT Weekly gives up the details in its exclusive:

…That’s what happened Tuesday at Camp Pendleton, when San Diego resident, Cory Huston, himself a Navy veteran once assigned to the Marines as a hospital corpsman asked Marine Avarice Guerrero to marry him. It is believed to be the first proposal of marriage and engagement between two gay men – not to mention two war vets – on a US military base. In an exclusive, San Diego LGBT Weekly was there to photograph the historic proposal.

April 24, under a bright Southern California sky at Camp Pendleton’s Camp Del Mar near Oceanside, Calif., a full two hours before his boyfriend’s return from the badlands of Afghanistan, Cory Huston waited nervously. Huston, who was discharged under the former Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, chain smoked as he rehearsed the simple proposal he would deliver when Guerrero would arrive. …

Finally, luggage in tow, Guerrero emerged with a smile on his face. Upon seeing Huston, Guerrero dropped his bags; aimed a kiss toward Huston’s lips; and opened his arms to his boyfriends waiting embrace. The time and distance of 10 months’ separation evaporated in a public show of affection that less than a year ago would have been cause for court martial. After a few minutes of emotional holding and kissing, Huston went anxiously down on one knee; looked up at Guerrero, who was dressed from head to toe in military fatigues; and produced an engagement ring and the time-honored phrase, “Will you marry me?”

Huston’s mild tremble, a result of hours and days of anticipation about this day, was quickly quieted by the one word every hopeful fiancé wants to hear: “Yes.”

This fantastic first shows us that while there will always be a struggle for equal rights, progress is progress, and the good stories should be celebrated and emulated and congratulated.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to try and come up with the male equivalent of this:


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