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Father of Drunk-Driving Victim Asks Jason Kidd to Apologize

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By HVnews on July 23, 2012

Last week, accomplished NBA point guard and brand-new NY Knick Jason Kidd, 39, was arrested for driving while intoxicated in the Hamptons. He pled not guilty, despite this being a lie.

Sunday’s edition of the New York Daily News has a letter to Kidd by Lenny Rosado, father of Leandra Rosado, who was killed in a drunk-driving incident in 2009. She was 11.

“I took my loss and fought for tougher laws against drunken driving with children in a vehicle,” he says. “A bill was passed under my daughter’s name.” Here’s his message for Kidd. Powerful stuff.

Dear Jason,

I always enjoyed watching you play when you were with the New Jersey Nets and Dallas, and was excited about you signing with the Knicks.

But that excitement turned into a huge disappointment after seeing your recklessness when you got drunk and got into a vehicle and crashed.

You are a very lucky man to be alive. Others are lucky that you were not anywhere near them. You could have hurt or killed someone’s child, brother, sister, mother, father or grandparent.

As a so-called role model to many young kids and young adults who enjoy watching you play, this has really put a dark cloud on my perception of you.

Jason, I was a great role model to my only child. My daughter Leandra’s short life came to an end because another irresponsible, reckless parent drove drunk and crashed a car filled with seven young girls.

My daughter was thrown out of the car and died.

I think it would be in your best interest to apologize to those of us who have had loved ones die because of individuals like you who drove drunk.

Look within your heart and soul, and don’t deny your actions on the night, but man up and be honest that what you did that night was wrong.

I hope by reading this I was able to make you think of how very lucky you were to be able to walk away from that accident, because my daughter was not that lucky, Jason.

I even hope I can get your support sometime in November, when I plan to go to Albany to lobby for a second part to Leandra’s Law that would help close a loophole and save lives from being lost to repeat offenders.

Those of us who have lost family members due to drunken driving would love to have someone like you as an ambassador.

My best wishes to you and good luck in your future with the New York Knicks.

Thank you,

Lenny Rosado

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