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Former U.S. Olympic Track Star Outed as High-End Escort

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By HVsports on December 20, 2012

Scroll down for updates … Favor Hamilton is tweeting about this.

Suzy Favor Hamilton, three-time U.S. Olympian, seven-time U.S. champion and the most decorated female athlete in NCAA track and field history, has been outed by The Smoking Gun as Kelly Lundy, a $600-an-hour escort working for Haley Heston’s Private Collection.

It is unclear why anyone would wear high heels standing on a bed. (via TSG)

“I take full responsibility for my mistakes,” Favor Hamilton told TSG. “I’m not the victim and I’m not going that route. I’m owning up to what I did. I would not blame anybody except myself.” She added, “Everybody in this world makes mistakes. I made a huge mistake. Huge.”

TSG did some in-depth first-hand reporting on this one, and because it’s not run by stodgy ol’ coots, they pass along the facts but very little judgment on Favor Hamilton (although you could make the case that reporting it is in itself a judgment). Read the full piece over at the Smoking Gun to see what this Wisconsin hero has been up to this year:

Favor Hamilton described the escort business as “exciting,” an illicit midlife diversion from her routine existence, one in which she operates a successful Madison, Wisconsin real estate brokerage with her husband, delivers motivational speeches, and does promotional work for various businesses and groups, including Disney’s running series and Wisconsin’s Potato & Vegetable Growers Association.

She said that only her husband Mark, 44, was aware of her escort work, but that, “He tried, he tried to get me to stop. He wasn’t supportive of this at all.” The couple lives in a $600,000 Madison home and appears to be in no financial distress based on a review of court and municipal records.

In a July 2012 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel profile, Favor Hamilton spoke of giving about 60 motivational speeches annually, raising her daughter, running her realty firm, and doing appearances for Disney and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series. “I just know I’m happier than I’ve ever been. My life just keeps getting better,” she said.

But she also spoke of her life’s darker precincts.

Favor Hamilton told of suffering postpartum depression after her child’s 2005 birth and how she had been prescribed the antidepressant Zoloft, which has allowed her to “feel better than I’ve ever felt.” Additionally, she told reporter Gary D’Amato how her brother Dan committed suicide in 1999, a year before she ran for the gold medal in the 1500-meter final at Sydney’s Olympic Stadium. She led that race with 200 meters to go, but when other competitors began to pass her, Favor Hamilton recalled, she intentionally tumbled to the track, ashamed that she could not medal in honor of her late sibling.


Her first tweet in six weeks:

After that, read bottom to top:

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(AP Photo/Bob Galbraith)

Favor Hamilton also appeared in a controversial ad for Nike during the 2000 Olympics, which was pulled when protesters said it mocked violence against women. She famously fell during the 1500m women’s final that year.

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[The Smoking Gun]
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