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English Woman Dumps Drum Kit, Begins Long-Distance Affair With Statue of Liberty

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By HVculture on March 13, 2012

“She doesn’t put her arms around me, but she makes me feel really good.” –Amanda Whittaker

Objectum Sexuality is a real thing. There are actually people out there who believe their love with inanimate objects is so reciprocal that they can communicate with them.

One woman even went so far as to marry the Eiffel Tower. Erika LaBrie, the founder of OS Internationale, married the French landmark in a commitment ceremony in 2007 and changed her name to Erika Eiffel.

People laugh. People point. People judge. But while you’re complaining about your spouse or secretly weeping about being a Forever Alone, most of these objectum-sexuals are happy as fuck.

Just watch this typically British morning show interview Amanda Whittaker, a 27-year-old shop assistant from Leeds, whose new flame is the lady with the torch. Sure she had to break off a long-term relationship with a drum kit to begin this long-distance relationship with the State of Liberty, but she seems … well, so confident and assured, content in knowing what she knows.

So why won’t she marry “Libby?” She explains her reasoning here:


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(via Dlisted via Arbroath)

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