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Eggs Soaked in Children’s Urine Are China’s Hot New Food Trend

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By HVculture on March 30, 2012

Boy, if you thought the Norwegian dish smalahove was weird, get a load of these springtime snacks sold in the Chinese city of Dongyang:

Should you watch this video? Yes, if you want to see a bunch of eggs boiling in pee.

“Virgin boy eggs” are soaked and cooked in vats of urine collected from elementary-school boys’ bathrooms and sold for about a quarter each. They’re believed to assist in circulation, provide energy and decrease body heat and joint pain. As per tradition, only boys’ urine, usually from boys under 10, is used to cook the raw eggs.

How do they taste? This Reuters reporter didn’t cop to trying one, but the residents say it’s “fresh and salty.”

Some people, of course, aren’t into the whole whizz-boiled trend — people like Wang Junxing, 38, who says he’s not looking for a miracle cure and has no interest in eating the eggs. “I don’t believe in all this,” he says.

But for the most part, people are gobbling up their pee eggs like New Yorkers eat hotdogs. The street-cart treats are so popular that vigilante urine farmers are taking their own batches of boy pee from local schools to make the eggs in their own kitchens.

The local government, instead of being concerned about random people coveting the urine of children, has listed virgin boy eggs as “an intangible cultural heritage.”

Nom nom nom.

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