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Dumb Ways to Die: A Dark, Catchy Message From Australia’s Metro

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By HVvids on November 16, 2012

How do you get your citizens to be safer around trains? If you’re Melbourne railway operator Metro, you write a dark-yet-catchy jingle, add some animation and sign up a Feist sound-alike to make “Dumb Ways to Die.”

WTVR adds some context for the ad:

Metro recorded 979 slips, trips and falls by passengers in its annual safety report for 2011-12, with injuries ranging from minor wounds to serious injuries to the head and face.

It reported 23 collisions between a train and a person, not counting suicides or attempted suicides. Six pedestrians were hit at a level crossing, two of whom were killed.

There were also 11 collisions with vehicles at level crossings, three of which resulted in a death, and 74 near misses.

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