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Never Go to the Dentist Again, and More Web Goodness

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By HVnews on September 17, 2012

Japan has invented artificial tooth enamel. Now we can eat candy to our hearts’ content. [Geekosystem]

Here’s what’s happening in lower Manhattan right now. [Mother Jones]

A lesson from Boardwalk Empire’s Michael Shannon on playing crazy — and stealing every scene. [PaperMag]

Finally, finally, someone mashed up “Call Me Maybe” and “Gangnam Style.” Heyyyy, sexy lady! [The Frisky]

Awesome interview with Jim Saah, seminal photographer of the 1980s D.C. punk scene. [Weeping Elvis]

Kindle Fire vs. iPad: the infographic. [The Daily]

A rare look at Stephen Colbert out of character. [Unreality]

Watch this Burmese puppy freak out over a lemon. [The Daily What]

We’re finding it tough to take a side in the super-entertaining Amanda Bynes–Lindsay Lohan beef. [Warming Glow]

If you thought the Lincoln trailer was good, watch it narrated by Pee Wee Herman. [TheFW]

Oh, and while you’re there, just watch this soldier reuniting with his dog. Tears. [TheFW]

The 10 cutest baby animals of the desert. Cool. [Environmental Graffiti]

A 97-year-old grandmother’s birthday goes viral. [Daily Dot]

Here’s your first look at season 2 of Girls. [BlackBook]

Chris Brown Album Gets Domestic Abuse Sticker
This New Monkey Species Looks Just Like Jake Gyllenhaal

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