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Demonic Face Interrupts Breaking Weather Report, Haunts Your Dreams

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By Greg Seals on August 17, 2012

Now over to OHMYGODWHATTHEHELLISTHAT with the weather …

Meteorologists and local weather reports have brought us some hilariously unfortunate forecasts (Weather Penis and Sam Champion’s graphics, anyone?), but this one is no laughing matter. On Thursday night, severe weather rolled through the Nashville area, yet booming thunderclaps and strong winds weren’t the most terrifying things that went bump in the night.

WSMV’s transition into its breaking weather report, which occurred shortly after midnight according to YouTuber PerlAddict, features a rather demonic-looking man’s face with black teeth. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it, as I did while I was watching this very same broadcast. Thankfully PerlAddict’s trusty DVR was able to capture this bizarre appearance — hopefully this isn’t a situation like The Ring, because I’ve got plans next week.

We’ve reached out to WSMV Channel 4 News for comment on the video and are awaiting response. We’ll update as we get it.

Update: I received this email response from Matthew Hilk, director of news and creative services at WSMV. He had this to say about the clip:

We were transitioning to one such cut-in, when  NBC’s Jimmy Fallon tossed to a network commercial. The images that aired were obviously the first few frames of whatever that network commercial was to be. As you can tell, our control room was in the process of covering up that network break for our weather report. It appeared to me to be the beginning a promo for NBC’s dark fantasy show “Grimm.” I have not been able to verify that, because, again, we do not air the network breaks, we pass them through our air and we were in the process of interrupting those network breaks for weather coverage.

There you have it. We can all sleep soundly again knowing that our flat-screens are free of demonic possession. But if you’re easily frightened, maybe don’t tune in to Grimm.

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