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This print publication takes a pretty generalized approach to their obituary section.


• Double Trouble: 8 movie sequels no one asked for, or watched in theaters.

“Get Your Daddy On!” Cool daddy raps the basics of fatherhood as only a white guy can.

• The internet has a new youtube star and she is “nooooooot fake!”

Kentucky mayor is dealing weed in the school parking lot. Just be cool about it, okay?!

David Blaine ate glass in front of Meryl Streep at a party last night.

• New Zeelanders can’t contain their hobbit excitement. Weatherman reports forecast in elvish costume.

• A horrifying reminder of just how far athlete underwear ads have come.

• Get in the seasonal spirit with Jon Lajoie’s “The Best Christmas Song.”

• The unofficial lunch menu served at chez Obama for today’s Mitt Romney lunch.

This Pug Cannot Handle Peanut Butter
Stop Motion Super Mario Made of Fuse Beads Is 8-Bit Awesomeness

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