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Jon Stewart Plays ‘Find the Narc’ After Pot Laws Change in 2 States

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By HVmedia on November 9, 2012

Nearly 900,000 people were arrested for a marijuana law violation in 2010. Of those, 88% were arrested for possession only.

The marijuana legalization laws passed by Washington and Colorado on Tuesday night are indeed historic — not for stoners, but for signaling to the rest of the nation that its time to move our drug laws forward.

For the media, though, and for many Americans, the news of the laws’ passage only brought jokes and giggles and cheers. Naturally, The Daily Show and Jon Stewart had some fun finding the narc — et tu, BriWi?

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First Brian Williams says he’s all cool with his daughter showing herself a good time in a bathroom on HBO, now he’s coo de la with Washington and Colorado residents being all potted up? BriWi, settle down.

Al Madrigal then explained the Potted Up deal:

Madrigal? Aren’t they more into meth production?

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